Commercial Document Attestation

Commercial Document Attestation

Commercials Documents refer to the set of documents of business-related capital. It is a lengthy process of attesting documents through legal attestation stamps or signatures for authentic authorization & proof of originality. It is required for the concerned country the person is going to submit his legitimacy.

Commercial Certificate Attestation

Similarly, the procedure of attesting commercial certificates through legal attestation stamps and signatures as proof of originality and authenticity is referred to as Commercial Certificate Attestation.

Both Commercial documents and certificates deal with business. The process of these commercial documents and certificates is done by the Chamber of Commerce applicable for attestation of commercial documents.
Chamber of Commerce For all business commercial documents, COC is the concerned authority to attest documents and certificates from the respective Chamber of Commerce.

How Many Types of Commercial Documents and Certificates Attestation

There are many business documents included under Commercial Documents.
They are Export invoice, Packaging list, Power of Attorney, Certificate of origin, Certificate of incorporation, Physical or Chemical analysis report, and others.
Every document and certificate should be original.

Need for Commercial Attestation

There could be many reasons for mandatory commercial attestation for business organisations such as opening a new business abroad, right to sell properties, company registration, opening a Bank account, Sell a company abroad. All business needs to follow the process of legal attestation for doing business. Also, if any business is indulged in import-export of goods and services internationally needs legal attestation for doing business.
However, the process differs according to different country requirements.

Commercial Document Attestation Procedure

Different Documents and Certificates have different process steps of attestation. It depends on the requirement of the destination country, embassy and other formalities.
The process of commercial attestation involves attestation from four departments.

  1. Chamber of Commerce (COC) – The first stage where the COC stamp is applied.
  2. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – Then the document is verified at the government level. The document is attested from MEA, the MEA stamp is applied to the document.
  3. Country Embassy -The third stage of attestation where the document is verified and attested from the country the person is going to travel.
  4. MOFA- It is the final stage where all commercial documents are verified and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    However, the process differs from the type of document or country requirements.

Attestation fees vary with the type of document to be attested and based on other facilities availed in the process of attestation.

Easy Process of Application at The Attestation

Put an Enquiry > Get in touch with our service support executives > Submit your details & Documents required > Make the Payment via online or offline mode > Wait for the Process to get Completed.

Commercial Certificate and Document Attestation Process in India

The process of attestation in India is very lengthy and complex at times. Therefore, The Attestation makes sure to guide you and support you to handle your processes from start to end without any scope of errors. We will do all the processes on your behalf with complete safety and assure time services. The Attestation guarantee hassle-free procedure from our end with full customer assistance and trustworthy services. The Attestation provides the best services. The company has its main head office in the capital city. All country embassy, authorized government departments are situated in Delhi. The Attestation has its offices located across India in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Goa, Guwahati, Bangalore, Raipur, Kochi, Kolkata, and Trivandrum

Commercial Attestation Process in Delhi

The Attestation. offers genuine and reliable services for Attestation in Delhi. We are authorised attestation service providers and assure easy go procedures for your attestation processes. We provide attestation services for all countries abroad. We deal with all types of document attestation (Commercial, Legal, Personnel, Educational and Non-Educational). Reach us at Contact us at our serviceable phone numbers. You can always visit us at our head office. Our service executives will guide you
for your attestation services or queries related to the process.

Commercial Documents & Certificate Attestation List-

  • Export Invoice Attestation
  • Packaging List Attestation
  • Certificate of Incorporation Attestation
  • Certificate of Registration Attestation
  • Licence Attestation
  • Stockholders Agreement Attestation
  • Memorandum Of Association Attestation
  • Physical Or Chemical Analysis Reports Of Products Attestation
  • Invitation Letter Attestation
  • Authority Letter Attestation
  • Company Profile Attestation
  • Power Of Attorney Attestation
  • Company Agreement Attestation
  • Employment Contracts Papers Attestation
  • Letter From Chambers Of Commerce Attestation
  • Dissolution Of Business Attestation
  • National Trade Certificate Attestation
  • Company Financial Budget Attestation
  • Board Resolution Attestation
  • Article Of Association Attestation
  • Certificate Of Incorporation Attestation
  • Sales Contract Attestation
  • Commercial Invoice Attestation
  • Packing List Attestation
  • Inspection Certificate Attestation
  • Insurance Policy Attestation
  • Insurance Certificate Attestation
  • Product Testing Certificate Attestation
  • Health Certificate Attestation
  • Phytosanitary Certificate Attestation
  • Fumigation Certificate Attestation
  • Ata Carnet Attestation
  • Consular Invoice Attestation
  • Dock Receipt D/R Or Mate’s Receipt Attestation
  • Bill Of Lading Attestation
  • House Bill Of Lading (Groupage) Attestation
  • Shipping Guarantee Attestation
  • Documentary Credit D/C Attestation
  • Standby Credit Attestation
  • Collection Instruction Attestation
  • Bill Of Exchange Attestation
  • Trust Receipt Attestation
  • Promissory Note Attestation
  • Certificate Of Origin Attestation
  • Landing Certificate Attestation
  • Customs Invoice Attestation
  • Shipping Bill Attestation
  • Import Export Document Attestation
  • Invoice Bills Attestation
  • Free Sale Certificate Attestation
  • GMP Certificate Attestation
  • Trademark Attestation
  • Agreements And Contracts Attestation
  • Annual Reports Attestation
  • Arbitration Attestation
  • Articles Of Incorporation Attestation
  • Assessments Attestation
  • Audit Documents Attestation
  • Balance Sheets Attestation
  • Banking Documentations Attestation
  • Bill Of Materials Attestation
  • Invoices Bills Attestation
  • Brochures Attestation
  • Brochures For Healthcare Institutions Attestation
  • Business Correspondence Attestation
  • Business Document Attestation
  • Business Plans Attestation
  • Business Proposals Attestation
  • Cad Drawings Attestation
  • Clinical Protocols And Trial Agreements Attestation
  • Company Documentation Attestation
  • Contract Attestation
  • Corporate Communications Attestation
  • Correspondence Attestation
  • Court Documentation Attestation
  • Datasheets Attestation
  • Disclaimers Attestation
  • Financial Statements Attestation
  • Immigration Document Attestation
  • Insurance Claim Attestation
  • Insurance Marketing Attestation
  • Insurance Translation Attestation
  • Investment Marketing Attestation
  • Investment Reports Attestation
  • Legal Certification Attestation
  • Legal Disclaimers Attestation
  • Legal Marketing Attestation
  • Shop Act Registration Attestation
  • Patent And Trademark Filings Attestation
  • Product Guides Attestation
  • Profit And Loss Reports Attestation
  • Regulatory Documents Attestation
  • Service Agreements And Contracts Attestation
  • Shareholder Information Attestation
  • Shipping Order S/O Attestation
  • Trademark And Patent Registration Attestation
  • Price List Attestation
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