Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation

How do I attest my degree certificate?

Degree Certificates can be attested by a simple process of attesting documents through legal attestation stamps or signatures for authentic authorization and proof of originality. Document Attestation can be for any document which is mandatory for any individual, be it Commercial, Educational, Personnel, Non-educational, Medical, Employment, etc.

It involves verification from different levels of departments.
Notary > HD/HRD/SDM/MEA/Embassy

Why is degree attestation needed?

Degree attestation is required for many reasons. It can be for domestic purposes, international purposes, abroad facilities like student visa, immigration, job visa or doing any sort of business abroad. All these facilities demand authentication and legalization of documents. The attestation is required for these reasons and to make sure that the person traveling abroad is genuinely trustworthy and have no records of crimes and false activities. They serve as evidence of the legitimacy of the documents.

How do I attest my degree from HRD?

You can attest your degree by
Verification from University > State HRD Attestation

Every state has its HRD department to carry out attestation. Each state HRD has different requirements and different time processes. The process of attestation through state human resource departments for legalization and verification of original documents. This is done by state-level authorities of the HRD Ministry. The HRD stamp is applied to the backside of the documents.

What are the documents required for attestation of the degree certificate?

Mandatory documents required for a Degree certificate are
• Original Degree
• Marksheets
• Passport Copy

The set of educational documents which are mandatory for proof and need to get authorised for legalised purposes. The process of attestation of those educational documents through stamps and signatures is called Degree Attestation.

The list of documents required for degree certificates are:
UG degree, PG degree, PHD, BE, Nursing, MBBS, Diploma, Btech, MTech, SSC, HSE, MS, MBA, White paper attestation, College leaving certificate, school leaving certificate, transfer certificate, Marksheet, Medical result and prescriptions, and many others.

How do you attest a certificate?

The procedure of attesting one’s certificates through legal attestation stamps and signatures as proof of originality and authenticity is referred to as Certificate Attestation. It can only be done through concerned government officials who have permission to attest the certificate.

Certificates can be a birth certificate, death certificate, degree certificate or medical certificate, etc. Basically, from Commercial, Educational, Personnel or Non-educational.
Attestation of any Certificate indicates that the person’s set of certificates are original and credible. They serve as evidence of the legitimacy of the documents.

Different types of certificates require attestation from
The notary at the regional level
• SDM, HD, HRD at State level
• Embassy and MOFA at country level