Notary Apostille

Notary Apostille

Notary Apostille is a basic pre-authentication process. It is done before the concerned State/Union Territory authentication. All the Indian-issued documents that are intended to use in Hague Convention countries are needed to get a Notary Apostille stamp. In the process, Notary authenticates the certificates and then procures a seal and sign on the document. After the Notarization, documents are authenticated by the concerned State authorities (Home Department/SDM/HRD/Chamber of Commerce). After that, MEA procures an Apostille stamp to legalize the documents. Notary Apostille is necessary for all sorts of documents (Educational, Non-educational, and Commercial). So, if you want to wanted to use any document for foreign purposes, you need to get Notarization and Apostillization in India.
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Notary Public Apostille

Notary Public Services are appointed by the Central Government or State Government under Notaries Act 1952. It administers oaths and lawful declarations, witnesses, and authenticates Government and State issued official documents. However, it also executes certain other acts as per the jurisdictions. Notarization can be required for various reasons. In the process, Notary Public Service. The Notary Apostille witnesses the documents and makes sure they are not fraudulent.

Who Appoint Notary Public Services?

To get Notary Public Apostille, you need to submit your concerned documents to the Notary Public Offices. However, the services can be appointed by both Central Government and State Government. For the entire or any part of the country, Central can designate the Notary services. Likewise, the concerned State Government employs Notary Public Apostille for authentication services for the entire or any part of the State.

Notary Certificate Apostille

Notary Certificate Apostille is available for all sorts of documents (Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial) that are intended to use in Hague Convention countries. Through Notarization, you can get your certificates legalized for further proceedings. This step is known as the preliminary procedure in which the Notary Public Office procures a Notary stamp.

Online Notary Apostille

Notary Public Offices also provide online Notary Apostille services. Through online services, applicants can get a Notary stamp on their concerned documents without any hassle. You can quickly get your documents authenticated by online services in the states that are accepting Remote Online Notarization. However, according to the State, online Notary Apostille might require study, attend training sessions, courses, and tests likewise applying for the Notary license.

What is Notary Apostille?

Notary Apostille is a legalization process required to authenticate the documents for further legalization proceedings. All Indian-issued documents that are intended to use in Hague Convention countries are needed to get a Notary Apostille stamp. It is the basic primary step necessary to make sure that documents are not fraudulent.

Notary Apostille Near Me

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