PCC Apostille

PCC Apostille

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apostille is a process of legalization and authentication. It is required to prove the authenticity and genuineness of the certificate in Hague Convention Countries. PCC Apostille can be required for various purposes, especially for those who want to apply for residential status, employment, long-term visa, or immigration in any Hague Convention country. Indian-issued Police Clearance Certificate is apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs. However, to attain an Apostille stamp, documents are first authenticated by the concerned Home Department/SDM in the respective state. After that, MEA procures an Apostille stamp. To avail of Apostille services, you can approach authorized agencies providing collection and delivery services to obtain your documents.
PCC Apostille is a computer-generated square-shaped sticker that is procured by the MEA after the document authentication. The PCC Apostille stamp contains a unique identification number through which other members of the Hague Convention can check the authenticity of the document. To attain an Apostille stamp, MEA has outsourced various top agencies. Through these agencies, you can easily submit and collect your documents to the concerned authorities. So, if you are looking for PCC Apostille Near Me, you can easily reach out to The Attestation. We are experienced in providing top and trusted services to clients for more than 8 years. Our services include the collection and delivery of your documents on the behalf of MEA.

PCC Apostille in India

PCC Apostille in India is a legalization process required to prove the authenticity of the Police Clearance Certificate in Hague Convention countries. In India, MEA is the sole authority responsible to legalized the documents by procuring the Apostille stamp. To get PCC Apostille in India, first, you need to get the pre-authentication from the Notary and then authentication from the respective State Home Department/SDM. After that, documents are legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs. It is necessary to procure an Apostille from the MEA to provide the authenticity and legitimacy of the documents. Since 2005, India is a member of the Hague Convention, 1961. Therefore, once PCC is apostilled by the concerned authorities and MEA, then there is no need for any additional legalization and authentication.

PCC Apostille Procedure

PCC Apostille Procedure involves various essential steps like authentication from the concerned authorities and then legalization from the MEA. To prove the authenticity of the document, you need to get complete authentication and legalization from all the officials respectively. However, the process and procedure to procure a PCC Apostille stamp is as shown below:
Notary pre-authentication
Authentication from the Home Department/SDM/GAD
In last, Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs

What is PCC Apostille?

PCC Apostille is a legalization process required to prove the authenticity of the Police Clearance Certificate in other countries. In the process, the document is authenticated by the state Home Department and then legalized by the MEA by procuring an Apostille stamp.

How to get PCC Apostille?

All the Indian-issued documents, including PCC, are apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs in India. The MEA is a subsidiary branch of Government that deals with external affairs. So, the documents that are needed to use in any Hague Country for any reason are required to get Apostille from the MEA. If you want to get PCC Apostille, you can approach an outsourced agency to get your document legalized without any hassle.

How do I apostille my PCC?

MEA has outsourced several Agencies/companies to provide genuine Certificate Apostille services to the public. If you wish to get your PCC Apostille, you can reach out to an approved agency. The Attestation is one of them. You can avail of our convenient and reliable services to obtain your documents without any hassle.

Does PCC need to be apostilled?

Yes, documents that are designated to use in foreign countries are needed to get legalized to prove their authenticity. However, if you want to apply for a visa (immigration, long term, or employment visa) in any Hague Convention Country, you need to get your Police Clearance Certificate Apostille.

What is the validity of the PCC Apostille?

The validity of PCC Apostille and all other Apostilles in India is for six months only. If your Apostille stamp is more than six months old, then you need to get a new Apostille to utilize your document. However, the validity of PCC can vary in different countries.

PCC Apostille Near Me

If you are searching for a genuine and approved PCC Apostille Near Me, you are in the right place. The Attestation is one of the leading and well-trusted MEA approved agencies. We are committed to providing the best and on-time collection, scrutiny, and depositing services for all sorts of documents and visa applications. You can reach out to our skilled experts to get PCC Apostille and helpful assistance without any hassle.

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