State HD Authentication

State HD Authentication

What is State HD Authentication?

The process of legalization at different levels of all state through organisations is known as State HD Authentication. These state departments are responsible and authorised government professionals for the legal attestation and authentication process of any individual.
Every state has its own HD authorised departments. The process of each state varies in terms of requirement, process time and other facilities. There is a list of RACs Regional Authentication Centres provided by MEA.

Certificate Authentication

This is a simple process of attesting certificates through legal attestation stamps or signatures for authentic authorisation and proof of originality. Document Attestation can be for any document which is mandatory for any individual, be it Commercial, Educational, Personnel, Non-educational, Medical, Employment, etc. Attestation of any document indicates that the person’s set of documents are original and credible. They serve as evidence of the legitimacy of the documents.

Process of Attestation

Different Documents and Certificates have different process steps of attestation. It depends on the requirement of the destination country, embassy and other formalities. Every state has different attestation procedures and time to be followed.

Attestation fees vary with the type of document to be attested and based on other facilities availed in the process of attestation.

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